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Active severe weather day finally across southern Alpine region tomorrow

Finally, an active severe weather is expected tomorrow across southern Alpine region. A quite robust deep trough with a strong cold front blasts into central Europe. Lee surface low takes place over N-ern Italy, where moderate instability overlap with quite strong shear. Multicells and a few supercells with threat for…

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Insanely extreme Bora and heavy snowfalls on Wednesday’s night

An extremely dangerous setup is shaping up for northern Adriatic sea due to high potential for hurricane force Bora winds during the next 48 hours period. Tightening pressure and temperature gradient will create conditions for very extreme wind gusts, locally exceeding 220km/h. Not so unusual situation for Europe for the…

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Returning winter with moderate snowing and extreme Bora tomorrow

I am in time shortage today, so this will only be a quick update/outlook for tomorrow. Winter period is returning into Alpine region again, as the blocking pattern has established over western Europe with strong ridge forming. This will allow polar/arctic airmass to blast into central Europe and Mediterranean and…

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