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Flooding of Mura rivers likely towards the evening and overnight

After the extensive rainfalls on going in the last few days over the eastern half of Slovenia and eastern Austria, rivers flooding in NE-ern Slovenia are expected. High amounts of precipitation for these parts, which are normally quite dry against the other parts of Slovenia, rising the waters rapidly and…

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Extreme rainfall amounts verified across northern Adriatic

Again, models and our predictions were not wrong. Excessive rainfalls clearly verified over the northern Adriatic in the morning of Saturday, June 20th 2009. The cold front was slowly progressing over the Alps in the Friday’s afternoon and overnight to Saturday. Few severe storms initiated in NW Italy and clustered…

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Excessive rainfalls likely over Northern Adriatic tomorrow

Large trough over central Europe affects southern Alpine region with a strong cold front crossing Slovenia, N-ern Italy and N-ern Adriatic overnight and morning hours tomorrow. Moderate mid-level jet streak ejects into the Alps overnight with its left-exit jet region over NE-ern Italy by tomorrow morning hours. Very hot, but…

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