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Anvil crawler from this evening

It looks like the high coverage of cloud cover during the day limited energy and only few stronger showers took place over northern Adriatic before evening. It might pop up a bit later towards midnight, however. Anyways, a storm poped up just north of me awhile ago and I managed…

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Interesting setup with DMC possible over northern Adriatic tonight

Large ridge is placed over western Europe while a slowly dissipating cut-off low is moving SW-wards towards northern Balkans. A strong mid-level jet streak wraps around this low. At surface, a cold front is extending from southern Poland over central Balkans towards N-ern Italy where still relatively high boundary layer…

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Strong upper-level vortex approaching + cold front crossing Slovenia

A very interesting satellite presentation is available today, as strong upper-level vortex (cut-off low) is approching northern Balkans today. As can be seen from the latest satellite animations, this cut-off low is currently centered over Czech Republic and should reach Slovenia by early evening hours. Image copyright: © EUMETSAT (2009)…

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