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Powerful cyclone rips through NW Europe

A very powerful and deep cyclone with strong cold front rips through the UK today and continues towards the Denmark and Netherlands later today. Accompanied by intense winds along the leading frontal convergence as seen in radar imagery below. This image shows a very well-defined cyclone with its center just…

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Unusually large omega block pattern across Europe

Quite impressive look over the maps and satellites the last two days. Sunny an unusually warm last decade of September continues over large part of Europe as the strong ridge persists. It transformed into a classic omega-block like pattern centered over CNTRL Europe while troughs are located on its left…

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Interesting cold front passage across Slovenia today!

There is an Omega-like blocking pattern established over south-central Europe with two upper lows located on its edges. The eastern upper low is slowly moving SW-wards today with a strong NW-SE oriented cold front across the northern Balkans. A well-defined cold front is crossing Slovenia and it just passed my…

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