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Calendars for 2013!

Calendars for 2013 now available for pre-orders! Click to see details about the orders here: Below are samples of all four themes available for 2013… “FineArt” theme: “Supercells” theme: “Lightning” theme: “Tornadoes” theme: Sample for one month page from the calendar – available in A3 and A4 size: Sample…

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Powerful cyclone rips through NW Europe

A very powerful and deep cyclone with strong cold front rips through the UK today and continues towards the Denmark and Netherlands later today. Accompanied by intense winds along the leading frontal convergence as seen in radar imagery below. This image shows a very well-defined cyclone with its center just…

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A well-defined horseshoe vortex near Mt. Nanos today

I have observed a horseshoe vortex for the first time here and was impressed it actually formed on the Lee clouds behind the main Bora wall which was rolling over Nanos all day. Quite strong Bora was blowing today, as intensifying ridge is east of the Alps. Looks like there…

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